Creating your own Super Repo

One the modules have been added, their script files need to be linked into the root of the site directory:

cd site
ln -s ciniki-mods/core/scripts/apis.php ciniki-apis.php
ln -s ciniki-mods/core/scripts/json.php ciniki-json.php
ln -s ciniki-mods/core/scripts/login.php ciniki-login.php
ln -s ciniki-mods/core/scripts/manage.php ciniki-manage.php
ln -s ciniki-mods/core/scripts/rest.php ciniki-rest.php
ln -s ciniki-mods/core/scripts/sync.php ciniki-sync.php
ln -s ciniki-mods/web/scripts/index index.php
ln -s ciniki-mods/core/scripts/paypal-ipn.php paypal-ipn.php